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Digital Marketing Plan (Long Term)

In an effort to remain ahead of the curve, we believe it’s important to amplify the use of a digital marketing plan in event marketing. In light of the DMX Digital, web marketing is going to be crucial for companies that would like to acquire the members and contacts that they had in their list that they are no longer able to reach. With the objective of capturing these contacts and converting them — whether they are members, participants, or sponsors — objectives need to be met, and as a business running an event, a digital marketing plan can help you attain those objectives.


We are natural dreamers. Give us a focus, and we’ll build a world around it. Give us a problem, and we’ll flip it around to become strength. We can trace what you do and why you do it.


We start with listening to the social chatter in your category and buzz around your brand to establish category benchmarks and identify opportunities that we can leverage. The rest is, as they, say secret sauce.


We take your ads to the right audience every time by running them across the Google Search and Content Network, Google Mobile Network, Yahoo Search and Microsoft AdCenter in Canada and many more if we are seriously looking for international audiences.


The core objectives of Search Engine Optimization is to devise and implement strategies that help your website achieve higher natural positions in search engines.


Digital media consumption patterns have thrown conventional media wisdom out of the window.  Add to this the complexity of consumer interactions across multiple devices, each with its own unique experience.


Developing an effective digital business presence requires a partnership approach where an agency understands your business & product/ service requirements and can help achieve the goals your brand has set to achieve.

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