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Advertising On Bing

If you want access to millions of high-quality potential customers, use Bing Ads to launch a campaign on the Yahoo Bing Network.

Whether you’re new to search engine marketing (SEM) or an old pro, we’ll provide help, tools and resources from the start and throughout your Bing Ads campaign. You’re always in control, from choosing suitable keywords to setting a monthly budget. And with pay-per-click, you only pay when your ads are clicked on. If you’re already running a search campaign on Google, simply use our Google Import feature.

Customers don’t fit all in one category, and that’s why we provide a range of offerings to hone your campaign strategy. Use Mobile Advertising options to attract on-the-go consumers who make immediate purchasing decisions on mobile phones and tablets. If driving local traffic to your store is a priority, we offer simple products and features to claim, enrich and promote your services. Bing Ads helps you reach your specific advertising needs — however you customize your campaign.

Search engine marketing puts your ads in front of customers who use the Yahoo Bing Network every day — customers who may be searching for your product or service. With one ad buy, your message can reach millions of unique users, including those who don’t use Google. Get started with Bing Ads today.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every account is assigned a dedicated account manager with a secondary for back up. Account loads are carefully balanced so that every client can be given the amount of time needed to make their account perform.

Keyword Research and Evaluation

The core of any pay per click campaign are the Keywords. We do extensive research to find the right keywords for your business and then constantly evaluate them to make sure that we are getting the proper results.

Position Evaluations and Bid Adjustments

We constantly monitor your keyword positions to make sure that they are where we want to get the performance we are aiming for. As keywords fall to low on the page or even in some cases go to high, we adjust the bids to move their position to where they are most effective.

Ad Writing, Review and Testing

he best keyword list in the world won’t do you any good if your ads don’t make people want to click on them. We write professional ads that follow all the regulations and catch the eye of potential customers. Then we watch them, test new ads and keep the best ads to help your business.

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Meetings

With every new account we start with weekly meetings with your account manager so that he/she can get to know your business, grow the relationship and make the changes needed to make your account work. Then once things are running smoothly we will shift to the meeting frequency called for in your contract.

Negative Keyword Research

Some times your ads are triggered by people who just are not looking for your type of business, in these cases often we can find the phrases or words that make the difference and filter them out. This cuts down spending on bad traffic and maximizes your budget.

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