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Web Analytics

Most retailers develop and evolve their decision making strategies based on expert judgment and testing over time. But conditions are changing so fast that it’s fair to ask the question: how often does any retailer actually employ its best strategy? By the time you think you’ve figured out the best approach, the market has moved. In the online world, Web analytics help solve this problem by tracking and measuring a vast number of strategic possibilities very quickly, enabling you to design and execute the best strategies sooner.

Social Integration

Integrating social media sharing has become a necessity for every mobile application. The crowd over social media will share almost everything they feel passionate about.

Allow Customization

Make sure that the users feel safe and comfortable using your app. Allow them to customize the app the way they like it, by choosing colors, fonts and most importantly if it happens to be a social application, allow them to get a strong hand on the privacy settings.

Eliminate Clicks

Once you have the user on your application, to make sure that they stay, be keen about eliminating every unnecessary click or tap from your application.

Include Analytics

For small businesses, the ultimate requirement is to track and identify their user’s actions and experience. The best way to achieve that is by integrating a system of analytics into your mobile application.

Maintain Relevancy

Your business app should provide content that is impossible to gain from your website. You need to focus on publishing information that is relevant and adds value to the user’s experience.

Feedback system

Getting feedback from the user has proved to be very helpful for many businesses. First of all, giving your users a chance to give feedback makes them comprehend the humble personality of your brand. Secondly it is the easiest way to get suggestions and criticism from the users which will help you to shape the future of your application.

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